Scifi Hallway Relights UE4.16

In my spare time at work I decided to do a few relights of the free Scifi Hallway scene found on the marketplace, made by Wiktor Öhman

I only had 4.16 installed so none of the new lighting features were used, only simple spotlights. I also left the light maps compressed and the screen space reflections at default, these are all baked lighting.

The first version I used a reference from Blade Runner 2049, I think it gives it an after hours reception type feel.
The second I wanted to make a realistic look with all the lights on, to try and visualize what it would look like most times of the day.
The third I wanted to try and make a locked down feeling, as if the place had been knocked onto a back up generator and they are only running security lighting. I feel this is the weakest one out of the three but it was a fun challenge.

October 7, 2019